Apr 262011

Easter Sunday was spent doing some yard work while waiting for Chris and Erik to arrive.  They had other family doins about an hour away, so we had time to get outside on such a gorgeous day and putz.

Rick took the lawn tractor out and hooked up the leaf sweeper to it to get the rest of the fall leaves and twigs off the yard while I built up my raised garden beds.

I finished my work and came in the house to fold some laundry and Rick followed shortly thereafter with the welcoming phrase “Did you see the lawnmower on fire?”

Ummm… what!?!

Now, I had heard the outside spigot being turned on but didn’t really give it a second thought until I was met with these words.

Apparently it had been making some sputtering noises as he was going around the yard, and he was just heading to the edge of the property to drop off the final load of debris and the thing just shut down.

He noticed some smoke coming out from underneath the hood, lifted it up, and sure enough, there were flames.

So he ran to the back of the house, filled a bucket with water, and in those few seconds returned to find the whole front of the machine in flames.


We’re not sure what exactly started it, but you can be darn certain that this spark plug wire took a direct hit (or was possibly even the culprit).

We bought this machine 9 years ago, and it has been a real trooper considering what we have put it through.

Now we need to figure out what our next move is:  Replacement or repair.  Or Rick’s other option:  Convert it to electric.  (He was already researching this last possibility within 30 minutes of the fire.)

No matter which option is chosen, the fact is clear that we need a machine of this type around the homestead.  Not just for mowing the lawn, but for hauling heavy loads in the small trailer.

Or taking grandchildren for rides around the neighborhood when they come up to visit.

  4 Responses to “Not the Kind of Fire for S’mores”

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  1. Dad told us about that! Holy COW!

  2. I was thinking about getting a goat. At least they won’t break down, but it wouldn’t be able to do the heavy hauling.

  3. OMG! Wow, I can’t believe that! At least it didn’t happen Saturday with all the kids… wow… The converting to electric is an interesting thought. Corey wants to know what type of motor was in it? If it’s a Briggs and Stratton we have one here that’ll work if it’s the correct type.

  4. Boy, am I glad that it didn’t happen on Saturday too! Not sure what type motor it is, so will have to check, and thanks for the offer. Either way, Dad will figure it out and we’ll (hopefully) have something that works shortly. Never a dull moment, eh? LOL

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