Dec 312013

So many people decide that on the last day of the year that they want to reflect on what went wrong, what went right, and what they want to change/accomplish in the coming year.

As for me, I’m just sending 2013 off with a swift kick in the backside.

However, given all the tension and unknowns and sadness, I have to think that it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Sure, it could have been much better, but since I’m more of a “half glass full” type of gal, I’m not going to spend the day reflecting over all the good/bad/ugly moments of the last year.  Instead I’m going to do what I do every day:  push forward and make it through the present.

There are still a lot of unknowns ahead of us in the upcoming year, but that is what life is about.  Whatever life decides to spring on us, we’ll do what we always have and fight like hell to come out the other side in the best shape possible.


Rick & I created some wonderful memories at the end of the year that we can carry forward into the next, and that is what I want to think about when I throw out the old year and welcome in the new.

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