Jan 022014

I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve and a relaxing New Years Day!

The temperatures are still frigid in the Northwoods, but going through pictures of our New Mexico adventure helps me get through it a little bit easier.

Although our “base camp” was Albuquerque, we decided to venture south to Las Cruses on Christmas Eve day.  This was quite a long drive at over 200 miles, so we made plans to spend the night and do more exploring the next day.


As always, the scenery was nothing short of spectacular!


We ventured off the beaten path a few times and were never disappointed with what we found.


Who knew that there would be monuments in the middle of the desert?


This is why you take a chance on the unknown.


And it’s never a bad time for a little history lesson.


Each rest area we stopped at had information about the area from the past..


As well as points of interests like ghost towns and state parks.

Much better than Google.

And if we had had more time, I would have dragged Rick to each one of those places, but we had an appointment to keep.

Since Christmas Eve is also Nichole’s birthday, we had to get to our motel and prepare for a Skype call.  We also got to watch the munchkins open up their “big” Christmas present:  Kindles!  The smiles and joy that came from those kids was priceless!!

As much as we may complain about technology, being far away from our family on Christmas was a little easier with computer and cell phones to stay in touch with them.

Next up on “The Rooney’s Go To New Mexico“:  Christmas in the Mountains.

It was one trip that I won’t forget for a loooonngg time.


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