Feb 072011

I love having Mondays off.  It is a day that I get to do whatever I want, whether it means getting caught up on homework (or further ahead, as most of you know) or doing absolutely nothing at all.

However, this Monday was meant for what Rick had planned…

…finally applying for our passports.

We have talked about this for years, but never really set time aside to do it.  You know, it really isn’t such a hard process to go through.  Find a place to take your photo (gotta have 2 of the exact same one), go online and fill out the application (took a whole 5 minutes for each one), and head to the Clerk of Court with your paperwork, photos, drivers license and birth certificate.  Oh, and one more thing… money.

This is not a cheap little booklet you are buying, but an investment in your ability to travel freely about the world telling other countries “I really am who I say I am because my government has issued me this little book for $110.”  Actually, it was $150 apiece after you paid the guy $15 for taking your picture and $25 to the Clerk of Court to look it all over.

Well, now we get to check this off of the bucket list of “Things we were always going to do but never find the time to do it.”  We still have to write out our will, but I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day.

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  1. Wow. And Erik and I were just talking about how I need to get one myself….ouch!

  2. Yahoo!! Now you can come to Canada!!! Woohoo!!

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