Sep 082013

When Rick found out that he had to have all his teeth pulled he wasn’t a happy camper.

Who could blame him.  Only a crazy person would be excited about getting their teeth yanked out and wearing dentures.

Oh wait, that was me a couple years ago when I had all those rotten suckers pulled and replaced with my own dentures.

Well, at least I had some experience behind me and could help Rick through the process.


Which starts with going to this place.  The people who work here are top notch.  They give you all sorts of happy juice so that you won’t feel (or remember) a thing.

When I went through all this fun, it took months of prep-work for my dentures so that I would be able to have them put in the day of my last extraction.  Since Rick is on a different schedule, he didn’t have that kind of luxury so his dentures weren’t ready on that last day and he ended up going a week with no teeth (except 2 on the bottom).

Let’s just say it was interesting trying to find things the guy could eat.

Here’s where his family, specifically his sister Mona, comes in to save the day.  She gave him her Faberware Single Serve Blender which turned out to be a lifesaver!

It blended up fruit and ice cream into delicious shakes.  That little gizmo will really come in handy in the months to come!

And speaking of gizmos…

When I started talking to Rick about what to look forward to with his new dentures (cleaning and maintenance), he immediately went about looking for something to make things a little easier (and less work).


What he found was an Ultrasonic Cleaner that you can plop your dentures (or watch, glasses, rings, etc) in and it will clean them in 3 minutes.

I don’t know if the guy is just lazy or a genius.


Either way, he’ll be able to keep those new chompers pearly white.


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  1. Love the new chompers Pops! Now go eat a steak! 🙂

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