Sep 232013

Greetings From Lac Courte Oreilles, and Hayward, WI.

This is Rick, and I am attempting to be creative tonight by adding this guest post to Sandy’s website.  She really is much better at this sort of thing than me.

But I got a few minutes and thought I would add a few things about this Monday, 2nd week of actual American Cancer Treatment at the Marshfield Clinic.


First I am aware of this day all the previous week.  Mondays Chemo, then radiation later in the day.  But the chemo is like having a liter of Poison pumped into you over the course of an hour and a half.  Prior to that they put in a liter of saline solution, and after saline there is one more bag of liquid they put in, but I forget what they called it. So all in all that took from about 9:20 am to 1:00 pm.

Just in time for my hearing test.  According to the doc on that one, Sandy was right again, I do have “selective hearing”!  In other words, my hearing is fine.  They just wanted to test me to make sure the radiation would do no damage to it.

Then it was off to the radiation oncology center, (we were early, believe it or not!) and 1 – 20 minute session strapped into a plastic mask made just for my face.  I was done for the day.  We were home about 3:15 pm I suppose.  Went up to the office, did paperwork for a couple hours and then came home.  Got my car in the shed, gonna change the oil on it tonight.  Hope it takes me to Rice Lake faithfully for the next 6-7 weeks.

Well are you looking for any words of wisdom from me regarding cancer?  If so…………………

Don’t do as I did, do as I say.
Treat your body as a temple, it is the only one you got, or will get for that matter.
Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and yes don’t do that either!  Be careful out there, life does not have to be fair.
Live smart and by all means, enjoy every minute.  They do have an end, someday, so don’t waist your minutes in misery over this or that.
Just ain’t worth it.
Bask in the glow of each and every rainy, snowy, sunshiny, unbearably hot glorious day.
And remember when all is said and done, that I loved you, each and every one of you.
And that is the most important piece of wisdom I can pass to you, don’t forget to love yourself, and everyone in your world.



PS.  Sandy here.  I’m sure this was just an oversight on Rick’s part, but there was more to our day than all the Doctor’s, Nurses, poison and whatnot.


Yes, we had another furry friend visit us in the chemo room.  This is Kimber and she was A-dorable!  It’s so nice that this facility brings in these precious babies to brighten up what can be a very ugly day.

It almost makes me look forward to Mondays.


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  1. Dad. First off, you are so damn brave. You have always been a rock for me. Second, I just told Erik that I should have been changing that oil for you–and that I hoped you remembered the flipping plug this time, unlike with the Peapod. Third, and lastly, your writing is extremely inspiring. I love you so much, Daddy, and I am bound and determined to make sure you are doing well through what you would deem, “This shit.” Please, don’t ever hesitate to call if you need me for help, no matter what. I need my Dad around for a Hell of a lot longer time to tell me when I have my head up my butt. I love you and miss you, and do not want you sick. Feel better, and know we all love you, okay? You have always been there for us, now let us be there for you. And P.S. Mom, thank you for the pic of that gorgeous dog. Make Dad see what is on the other side of the rainbow. You know you can do it. I love you both so much. Mom, keep Dad positive, even if he becomes a butthead about it! Talk soon.

  2. Just learned last week of your bout with the big C. Our thoughts will be with you as you overcome this challenge. We are leaving for Europe next week. We get back late Oct. We will be up to Stone Lake and will call and see if you are up to having visitors

  3. Looking forward to seeing you Dave!


  4. Ah Christine, I love you too!


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