Oct 072013

Well, we are officially on the downhill side of the mountain as far as Chemo appointments are concerned.  2 more left after today.



Rick has a couple more radiation treatments to go through before we can made the same statement, but that milestone will be accomplished this week and with fingers crossed the daily road trips to Rice Lake will cease and desist after November 4th.

Last week was pretty good, but not as good as Week 2.  There was a little more “blah-ness” and his throat is getting sore.

He did come down with a case of Thrush which was caused by the antibiotics for the infection in his salivary glad on the left side of his neck, so he was put on antibiotics to take care of that.  (If you followed that closely: he was put on antibiotics to take care of a problem caused by another antibiotic.  My head hurts just thinking about that one.)

While the Thrush has been sent back to the netherworld, there still remains a yeast infection in his mouth which is caused because the enzymes that are normally there to keep his mouth happy and healthy are being killed by the Chemo drugs.  So guess what we got today?  Yep, another prescription.

The pharmacists are getting to know us quite well.

At the onset we were told that these things were likely to happen, so I guess it was only a matter of time.  And despite running a fever yesterday and last night, his blood counts were fantastic today.

We’re still keeping our hopes up and the outlook positive, and that right there can be half of the battle.

And of course it wouldn’t be Monday without a visit from a four-legged furball.


This is Piper and she is a 4-year-old Corgi.  You may remember her brother Oz that visited with us in Week One.  I actually saw Piper in the hallway when I was getting Rick something to eat and greeted her as her sibling, only to be informed by her person Missy that it was a different pooch altogether.


It didn’t really matter though.  This little girl was just happy to be petted and given lots of attention.

Which I gladly gave her.


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  1. Thrush?! I thought only infants got that! Hope everything else is well within the Rooney Compound. Maybe make Dad some of Grandma Larson’s Split Pea Soup? Or maybe my Loaded Baked Potato Soup (I can send you the recipe)? Nutritious and completely calorie-loaded! 🙂 Love you both so much, and Dad, hang on, I know you’re done soon, so there is light at the end of the tunnel coming soon. Mom, thank you so very much for taking care of Dad, even when he insists that he doesn’t need it. Again, if you need ANY help at all, even if it’s just driving Dad to his appointments, please call me! As soon as I saw the Corgi, I figured (like you did, Mom!) that it was the same one, but that’s awesome that they are siblings. Erik also sends his warmest regards. Love to both of you!!! ~ <3 Chris ~

  2. Wow! Rick, I am so sorry for what you are going through, sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  3. *smoochies* to you too sugar plum. Don’t worry, Mom is taking good care of me. We will pull through this thing, and take you and Erik out fishing…lol


  4. Woohoo halfway!! Hang in there Dad we’re all here for you! Much love from us!

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