Oct 082013

Unbeknownst to me, Rick made his own post for this weeks update!

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  1. Thanks for the tour Dad! Yay for week 4 so great! Love you bunches!

  2. Love these new captchas. I had an awful time reading the letter scrambles, and kept flunking them. This is a welcome surprise, Rick, to hear from you personally and to see and hear you in your treatment room. Thanks for the tour! Two times more, will keep my fingers crossed that you continue to do well, and that the cancer poison works on those nasty mutant cells!

  3. Thanks Laurie!

    Glad you like the new captcha.

    Yea, cancer poisons are having an effect on the lump I found. It is now about one half the size it was when I found it. I got my fingers crossed and praying up a storm..lol.

    Take care.


  4. Gonna see if they will let me film in the radiation room today. Then I will have your Mom post that.

    Love ya


  5. Yay! Hump week! Still looking good, Dad! I mailed you something today that I’ve been meaning to mail you for a while, so let me know how you like it when you receive it (probably on Saturday). Got it for you at the State Fair, and next year I’m thinking of getting some more stuff from the Irish Booth, if you like this thing. Love you tons!

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