May 312012

Rick & I are always happy to help out our grandkids.

And when I got wind that they were collecting plastic caps for an Earth Day project at their schools, I jumped at the chance to help their cause.

What a better place to beg ask for donations than the place where I work.  A mass email went out to my colleagues and donation bins were placed.

And these wonderful people didn’t disappoint!

This lovely caterpillar welcomes everyone with a big smile.

Later on, she will emerge as a beautiful butterfly, full of color and life.

Sure, we weren’t able to provide all the great caps for these works of art, but what we did collect helped re-purpose a bunch of plastic that would have normally ended up in a landfill somewhere, and turned it into something that can be enjoyed by many people for years to come.

I will never look at a plastic cap the same way again.


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  1. They do look great! The kids were so thankful 🙂

  2. So glad you sent me the pictures!

  3. Those look awesome, Colie! Nice pictures!

  4. Those are adorable. What a good idea to teach kids about recycling.

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