Jun 072012

This isn’t a real post, it’s more like a trip down memory lane for all those people that used to come into my store and purchase my baked goods.

Last week I found the neatest pan on the planet and just had to buy it.  It got me to thinkin’ about how everybody would tear into the crispy sugary tops of their muffins and eat the not-so-glorious bottom part as an afterthought.

And since I’m constantly reminded (for the last 3 years) how much people miss those wonderful treats, I though maybe I need to start baking a little more.

The lucky recipient of the first batch of raspberry muffin tops went to my friend Joanne.  She (along with quite a few others… Hi Denise!) constantly hound beg me to whip up a batch for them, so I thought I’d give her a little gift.

I’ve either calmed down her craving for a while or created a monster wanting more.

Only time will tell.


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  1. Mmmmm…. Can I hound ya for some? 🙂

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