Mar 292013

It has been a very busy last couple of days.

And I’m tired.  But in a good way.  (Is that even possible?)

As usual when I drive down to my hometown, it becomes a whirlwind of activity, emotions and memories.  It’s sad that over the past few years the only reason that I’ve made that long trip has been to say goodbye to a relative, and perhaps it’s time to change that.

This particular trip was due to the passing of a wonderful man, my uncle Ken.  And while there were tons of good memories and stories passed around, there was also a reconnection to relatives and people that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, some more than 30 I would estimate.

After I had booked my Motel room and completed all the pre-planning-take-time-off-work niceties, I decided that I would also take the opportunity to spend more time with one person in particular and perhaps begin a new relationship and connection with: my Dad.

We haven’t had a whole lot of communication since my Mom passed away nearly 14 years ago, but over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that we’ve both changed… gotten older… put certain “things” behind us.  Matured is a good word to throw in here.  Yes, that describes it exactly.

And you know what?  It. Was. Fantastic.  I don’t think I’ve seen my Dad smile that much in my whole life.  We talked for hours about anything and everything, and I even let him make me supper one night.  I forgot how great that man can cook!

And speaking of cooking, I brought home something very dear to me:


This is approximately 3/4 of my Mom’s recipe collection, which I have special plans for.

So there was a lot of good things that came out of this last trip, and I have a feeling that I’ll be taking more trips in the future that have nothing to do with funerals, but with family.

And maybe I can get my Dad to cook for me again…


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  1. Glad you and Grandpa are reconnecting! And Grandma’s recipes…hmmm…you know, you could always make little cookbooks from all of them for Colie and me! <3

  2. Sandy, you have no idea how pleased I am that you and your dad were able to put the past away, or at least to come to terms with it enough so that you can begin to re-establish a meaningful relationship. You will never regret it, either of you. As my father said, life is too short to stay angry, or to hold grudges. That, from a damn stubborn Norwegian!

    Love, Laurie

  3. Love this post, Sandy.

    And what a treasure to have your Mom’s recipe collection! I hope you find lots of handwritten recipes; I really appreciate having old recipes in the original cook’s own handwriting. I have one of your Mom’s–German Chocolate Caramel Bars–that she wrote out for me.

  4. So glad you and Grandpa got to hang out and talk! Hoping for a new start 🙂 I actually squealed when I saw the recipe collection! Yay! I agree with Chris, a couple cookbooks would be wonderful! We could get together and write em up, or copy the originals onto paper so we’d have Grandma with us always 🙂 And Julie, I would love that recipe! I, as well as Mom, love German Chocolate. Nums!

  5. Oh, I have a cookbook in mind 😉

  6. Your Mom would be so happy Laurie!

  7. That is a favorite of mine Julie!

  8. You’ll get the recipe honey, in book form!

  9. Yay, Colie!

  10. Sandy, what a wonderful treasure trove! I saw those receipe boxes and ran for the Kleenex box. I remember those boxes sitting on the kitchen table.I am glad you had a wonderful time with your dad. I have always said he was one of my favorite uncles.To new beginnings and old memories.

  11. Help! Old Man alert! I am the only other person in this house. I am the benificary of all this baking. I married Sandy (partially) because she could cook like a french chef, and I love German Chocolate Caramel Bars, fresh baked bread, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, cinnamin rolls, but in this venture, I think I am gonna need some help. Either that or a membership to some place where I can work off this spare tire. So I am pleading for all you to help me eat this cornucopia. Random unannounced visits are fine, just come around breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. Anytime…all year long.

  12. And you too Chris 🙂

  13. I went through the whole shebang yesterday and I think I’m missing some of my favorites still… May have to do a “shout-out” to the relatives later!

  14. You poor man…

  15. I wish I lived closer, to help poor Rick out!

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