Oct 072011

Even after endless nights of hard frost in the Northwoods, these beautiful wildflowers are still hanging on, pushing forward with light lilac-colored petals when all other flowers have hibernated for the fall.

They look so fragile, yet are so strong willed and resistant to freezing temperatures.

There are other wildflowers in the area that are doing the same, and I have noticed that they too have a “purple-ish” color to them.

Sure, Mums are the favorite perennial of the season, abundant in an array of colors.  Mine are usually a very deep purple (I see a trend here), with a brownish tinge to them, but they are not present this year.

They lost an unfortunate battle with the mad weedwacker (aka:  Rick) this spring, and never quite recovered.  Yes, he feels terrible about it.  I guess I hadn’t properly educated him on the differences of weeds and foliage in my flower gardens.

Thankfully these beauties are in an area that doesn’t get disturbed by evil lawn implements.

At least for now.


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  1. LOVE all of the pictures you’re taking, Mom!

  2. Love purple, and the flowers looks so pretty! Poor mums, evil Dad lol

  3. If it’s green and growing, I whack it…LOL

  4. Good job, Dad! haha Not even gonna formulate a dirty response to that….. 😉

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