Oct 082011

My arms hurt.

I’m tired exhausted.

The day started out so beautifully and I had so much energy.  It was one of those rare fall days when the sun was shining and the temps were going to hit the 80’s mark.  I had a decision to make:  Work on cleaning out the attic of the garage or start in on removing some of the 4 bazillion leaves that had descended on our yard.

Yeah, it wasn’t such a tough decision to make:  T-shirt weather, here I come!

Rather than try to hook up the leaf sweeper to the lawnmower, I decided that taking the blower approach would give me a better workout.  (Actually, hooking up the leaf sweeper would have meant trying to back the stupid thing up to dump it out, and I can’t for the life of me get the handle of that.)

Three hours later with arms that felt like jello, I had cleared a 20 x 30 foot section on the north end of our property.

What started out just a couple weeks ago looking like a beautiful painting of greens, reds and golds…

…has now become a thick layer of dead brown leaves.  And what I did today was only a tiny fraction of what is left.

I think I’ll let Rick have the pleasure of taking care of the rest of it.

If you need me tomorrow, I’ll probably be in the attic of the garage.  I’ve had my fill of yard work for the season.

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  1. LOL…You know someone told me that leaves were Mother Earths blanket and that we should leave them alone…I kinda like that idea.

  2. That was before they discovered that the leaves helped to germinate the moss that took over the lawn.

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