Oct 152011

I hear the rustling in the leaves.

They’ve been waiting all summer for this moment.

How many are out there?

How long will it take them to eat me out of house and home?  Will they be as hungry as last year, draining the reserves in full force?

From what I’ve seen in the last week, I’ve got a new war on my hands.

They are attacking in full force, a new bravado gained from months of planning.  I see their headquarters in the tree across the road.  They’ve been scheming since April.  Watching and waiting.

And finally when the time came, they didn’t hold back.

They quickly emptied the first unit.  It seemed to happen overnight.  The second victim was striped from its mooring, helplessly dragged away and plundered.  The third vessel is slowly draining, a constant barrage of looters attacking from all sides.

Don’t let this innocent face fool you.  Behind those glaze black eyes is a mastermind of cunning and ruthless desires.

But I have a tool at my disposal that they don’t:  The Internet.  And with this tool I have found what I hope will be the end to their endless attacks on my birdfeeders.

Behold the Squirrel Buster.  This little dandy is promoted as THE squirrel-proof birdfeeder.  The cadillac of units, intended to foil the most ingenious of squirrelkind.

It is supposed to arrive Monday.

So pack your bags, my furry foes, your days of dining at this buffet are coming to an end.


  5 Responses to “The Tables Will Soon Be Turned”

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  1. *ROTFLMAO* Too funny of a posting, but so true. Hopefully the new feeder does what it says and keeps those squirrels from robbing your birdies

  2. I’m expecting some great acrobatics from the squirrels…

  3. Should be interesting!

  4. I HATE the squirrels. Last year the squirrels and bears were in cahoots and they ruined all my feeders. Even my expensive squirrel-proof model. I have to think of some way to get rid of them this year. They are going to give my old dog a heart attack.

  5. So I’m guessing my gift of squirrels to you is a bad idea, huh?

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