Jul 022011

Summer is officially here when I take off the winter bedding.

I know the calendar said that it started 2 weeks ago, but around here, the nights have still been too chilly for me.  I’m a freeze baby.

But on Wednesday we were hit with what was to become a 3 day humidity fest, and for the sake of a restful nights sleep, cooler bedding prevailed.

Calie was on the comforter that Nichole made us for our anniversary present before I had time to finish making the bed.  For the next few hours, this is where she stayed, enjoying the coolness of the material.

Or maybe she was just giving me her approval.

Either way, we both had a good sleep that night.

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  1. She LOVES that blanket!!

  2. Good! At least she loves something, without brandishing “the paw” at it! hehe

  3. Yahoo! I’m glad you guys like it, and that Cal approves! 🙂

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