Apr 282011

I tend to pick on my girls.  In a good way.  And they know that they can do the same. We always joke and pick on each other and call each other “brat” (or another certain “B” word… use your imagination) and it is always in jest.

To me, my daughters and I have a very good relationship.  Something special, I think.  We can talk about anything we want, good or bad, and there will be no judgment.  When they were young, the best way to let them know that they had done something wrong was to tell them that I was disappointed in them.  When that happened, they were crushed.  And when they excelled in anything, it was *high fives* and praise up the wazoo.

Each one of my daughters have things that they tend to do very well.  Christine is a fabulous cook and has made dishes with parts of an animal that I would not even dare to venture into even touching.

Nichole has the ability to craft beautiful quilts.  She’s made many over the years for her kids, friends having babies, and Corey’s kids.  Unfortunately, I have never been the recipient of one of these prized blankets.

Every time she talks about making one, I always slip a “hint” about how much I like the color of hunter green, or what the colors of my bedding are in the summer where one of her quilts would be perfect.  I’ve even gone so far as to slip in the old “boy, I sure wish that I had one of those” comments.

And always her reply was that she would get to one for me soon, she just had to get others done or that she hadn’t found the right pattern/materials yet.

But as all Mothers can attest to, we have the ability to *know* when something is going to happen.  Am I right?  Huh?

So you can only imagine how surprised I was when she presented Rick & I with this when they came up for Easter!

It is our 20 anniversary present (which isn’t until June), but she said she just couldn’t wait to give it to us.  (You think that my incessant *hints* had anything to do with it??)

Of course, when I saw the box (which she decorated in fabric used in the quilt) I knew what was inside.  But I didn’t know what it would look like.  Can you say awesome?!?

Thank you Nichole, for giving us this wonderful gift that I can’t wait to use.  You are a top-notch seamstress!

This beauty also gives me the excuse to purchase new summer bedding to put it on (real heartbreak there, I tell ya).

If anyone would like to see more photos of the pattern and gifting session, stop on over to Nichole’s blog and view the full details.  While you’re there, give her some *high fives* for a job well done.

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  1. You’re welcome! And you know, your incessant “hints” weren’t incessant at all lol And my reasoning for waiting is totally justified! I hadn’t found the right pattern until about 6 months ago, and I knew it was perfect once I changed the colors. And it was worth the wait, no? Have fun shopping for your new bedding Ma 🙂

  2. It was definitely worth the wait!

  3. This is beautiful just like you and your daughters Sandy!! Much Love, Me

  4. You are always so sweet, Patty!

  5. Aw thanks Patty! You’re beautiful too!

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