Jan 302011

When the kids and grandkids came up this weekend for a visit the weather was a perfectly balmy 28 degrees (for Wisconsin at the end of January, this is considered tropical).  So it was great to be able to get them outside and play in the snow (why let the squirrels have all the fun!).

Can’t you see how happy Kayla is to get out in the snow!

Alexis found her fun scraping snow off the side of the trees with the window squeegee.

Walker, Brady and Paige trudging through the yard with a HUGE icicle.

Well, you have to make snow angels!

And Nichole, making sure that the snowballs stayed at a minimum.

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  1. Nice pictures, Mom! And Colie, you look GREAT!!!

  2. Thanks Chris! Mom took some pretty good pictures, I agree!

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