Jan 312011

Our little house in the woods isn’t that small, but it isn’t that big either.  It is a rather comfortable house for Rick and I (plus the cats… can’t forget the cats) at around 1,000 sq ft.

I thought it would be nice to give a little visual  perspective to what happens when you add 7 more people to the equation (i.e. Nichole, Corey & 5 grandkids).

Coat rack before…

… coat rack after.

See where I’m going with this?

Shoes before…

… shoes after.

Actually, that wasn’t all of them… couldn’t fit the rest into the picture.

And finally, living room before…

… and the morning after.

It really isn’t so bad.  They are still young and  have plenty of room to play around, and it really is quite cozy with everyone here.

But it looks like Rick and I will have to start making plans to expand the house, because those grandkids are growing up fast!

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  1. Love it! Just what Rick want’s to hear, “Blow the dust off the tool pouch Honey, we’re adding on!”

  2. Hahaha Indeed, Roxy!

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