Mar 062012

Thor sheds.  A lot.

I spent the day on Saturday curled up with the big lummox on the Lay-Z-Boy reading my Kindle.  I removed my sweater that night to discovered it was covered in massive quantities of cat fur.

I washed blankets on Sunday, and when I went to clean out the lint trap of the dryer, there was a 1/2 inch layer of his fur engorged in the thing.

So the Reduce Reuse Recycle side of me made her presence known by posing the question, “There’s always so much of the stuff, I wonder if you could recycle it.”

Hrmms… she may have something there.  So I posed the question to the interwebs and lookie what I found.

That’s right, Amazon has a book just for this purpose.  From tote bags to book covers, this little dandy has enough projects to keep you busy with all that extra fur flying around your house.

The GreenMuze has a delightful assortment of handbags that you can make from cat and dog hair.

Perfect for that purse collector in your life.

And gives step-by-step instructions for making these cute little cat hair boxes.

I know you’re going to ask for these next Christmas!

And if all of these suggestions aren’t enough for you, just Google “Things to do with cat fur” like I did and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Just don’t gift any of these to friends that are allergic to cats.  Unless, or course, you get a kick out of watching their allergies kick into overdrive.  In that case, make sure they have enough Zyrtec on hand so they are well enough to chase you down and beat the crap out of you for your thoughtfulness.


  3 Responses to “Stop Cursing the Fur, Get Crafty With It”

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  1. The handbag looks really beautiful, just that I’m not a fan of fur.. I have some clothes made of fur, and i find it very annoying when i see fur all over my house.. On my bed, in my car seat which is the worst etc..
    Actually things made with fur looks really beautiful but the above issue is my major problem..
    Hope you are having a great week—

  2. I think I wear enough fur from my own cats that i don’t need to purchase something made by others 😉

  3. Hair or fur of any kind freaks me out.
    Although the image of the little handbag is super-darling!
    Doesn’t help that I’m allergic to kitty fur!!

    Fun post!

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