May 302013

Now that we’ve gotten the necessary supplies that we ran out of, Rick is going great guns trying to finish the Studio.


And the yard has turned into a construction zone once again, with much of the deck of the new building housing the heavy equipment.

It also provides a little shelter from the on/off rain showers we’ve been getting.


When the first wall was put in I finally started getting excited.  It’s really hard to not go out there every five minutes and see how much has gotten done.

When I did my final walk-through on Sunday, I felt like the people on “Restaurant Impossible” when they finally get to see their remodeled restaurant.


All four walls were completed plus the North and South gables.  The Western side of the ceiling was about half done which got me even more giddy.


Since I know how much work was put into cutting the wood so that it would joint together and be able to move with the change in temperatures, I was almost brought to tears looking at the work in progress.

As with everything that Rick has every built, this will truly be one-of-a-kind and I can’t wait to see what he has in mind for the trim and finishing work that will be done once the ceiling is completed and the flooring is put down.

The man may be a computer geek, but he’s still a carpenter at heart.


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  1. Looks great Mama!

  2. Agreed!

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