Mar 212014

Spring has a whole new meaning in the Northwoods.

I’ve ranted numerous times about how this particular month can have mood swings that range from sunshiny days in the 60s to don’t-pack-away-the-long-underwear-yet-because-you’ll-probably-still-need-it frigid temperatures.  As per the usual we’re seeing the spikes and dips on the thermometer that brings roof melting and 8 inches of snow.  Sometimes in the same day.

March never seems to disappoint.


But because of these temperature fluctuations we have to be on our toes, because March beckons Sugarbush in our neck of the woods.  And this year Rick wanted to go full commando on the Maple trees.

For 3 hours last weekend we went around the property and tapped 40 trees.  This is the most we have ever done, and if the weather cooperates (HA!) then we will be very busy making maple syrup once the trees start giving out their nummy sap.

We actually had company this year, courtesy of grandaughter Kayla.  A month or so ago, she asked me if I would like to participate in a project her class was doing called Flat Stanley.

Reader’s Digest version:  Flat Stanley is some dude that while sleeping one night had his bulletin board fall off the wall and flatten him.  Nobody could figure out how to fix this malady, so now he learns about the world and different cultures by being stuffed in an envelope and visiting different people to learn about where they live.

I’m always game to help the munchkins out, so I agreed and Flat Stanley showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago.  Only, for some reason it wasn’t a Stanley, more of a Stella or Sarah because mine was wearing a dress.  Either the Stanley who had visited the previous participants didn’t quite make it back in good shape or he was a cross dresser.  Not being one to judge, I just went with the flow.

Before tapping the trees, we took “Stanley” on a tour of the rez and into Hayward to get pictures of “him” in front of areas of interest.  I can’t even imagine how many odd looks we got from people wondering what we were doing taking pictures of a colored piece of paper.

Ahhhhh, the many things you do for your grandchildren.


Seeings how Flat Stanley was supposed to learn about our community and the activities therein, it seemed only appropriate to involve him/her with the start of Sugarbush.

Since all good things must come to an end, Stanley is once again en route via First Class Postage to Kayla’s 1st Grade class in Arkansaw, WI,  with a written (and pictorial) account of his/her adventures up North.


And I can thankfully say that no harm came to our visitor.  Even Thor was on his best behavior.

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