Apr 012014

Right after I uploaded my last post regarding the mood swings of March, it started to snow.  Hard.  So I immediately started placing blame.

First I went to Facebook and blamed my son-in-law Erik for the snow, because he keeps ordering it and sending to the wrong zip code, namely mine.

Then I decided I should blame my co-worker who was laying on a beach in Hawaii sipping some drink with an umbrella in it.  Of course it could be her fault because she didn’t want any bad weather while she basked in the sun and surf, so she sent it all here.

While I was at it, I tossed the blame at Al Gore because, well, Global Warming my ass!

Then it dawned on me who the real culprit was:  March Madness.  That damn basketball tournament does it every year.  Who knew that basketball players were the catalyst for Winter storms.

Now here we are, on the first day of April, and guess what it’s doing outside.


Big white fluffy flakes.

Yes, another well played April Fools Day joke by Mother Nature who is probably off to some exotic land full of unicorns and rainbows getting her nails done.

Oh, and if you expected a picture, there ain’t none.  It’s snow people, if you’ve never seen it before, come up and visit.  I’m sure it’s going to be around for a while yet.

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