Jun 072011

Whenever Rick & I go somewhere, he always asks if I have my camera with.  Gotta love the guy, always thinking.

So when we decided on Sunday that we’d had enough of splitting and stacking wood for the weekend and needed to relax a bit by taking a drive, I had my camera in hand before he had a chance to ask.

Heading west of home we get the chance to see small lakes with beaver dams, farms and lots of wildlife.  But it was actually the drive back home that was picture-worthy.

This farm is located about 40 miles west of us, and we have driven by it countless times and never noticed the buffalo.  There is no signage announcing that it is a “buffalo farm”, only one that mentions that there is a business there that does repairs, or something of the sort.

But these females weren’t coming to the fence to great us

Nope, they had one thing on their mind, and it was on the other side of the driveway.

This hunka hunka burning love.

Now these animals had some strong fencing holding them back, but I have to admit I was a little weary being so close to them, and I was a good 50 yards away.

I was very careful not to get too close, and I was watching so that if any of them started toward me in any pace faster than meander, I was hightailing it back to the car faster than Flash Gordon.

Guess this bird is braver than me.

We also came upon 2 young deer “playing” along the side of the road.  By this I mean they were up on their hind legs in a boxing match.  Unfortunately, I was too slow with my camera, and when Rick tried to back up so I could get a good shot, they ran back into the woods. So no picture, but the scene is burned  into my mind.

Maybe that’s the best place for it.

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