May 062011

Christine & Erik will be getting married in August.  I can’t remember the exact date since she hasn’t sent out invitations it has been changed several times.  So unless it is written in stone, exact, for certain, only then will it be permanently etched in my brain.

You can guarantee that the invitation will be front and center on the refrigerator as a countdown to the big day.  This is where we put every event that is important in our lives.  Doesn’t everybody?

And I’ll also put it on my calendar at home, at work and on the my Outlook calendar at work since I’ll be taking the day before off for the rehearsal dinner.  No worries, I won’t forget.

When they came up on Easter, she brought along her wedding dress to show me.  I thought that was awful nice that she wanted to have me look at it and see all the beautiful detail that it has to it.

I took many pictures of it.

But I’m not going to share them since I’m not sure if Erik a) reads my blog, or b) has seen the dress yet.  And I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for him, so I’m am playing it on the safe side.

Sorry, you’ll just have to wait until August.

Along with the dress came a folder that held all of the other fun stuff that comes along with planning a wedding:  the reception quotes.

Here is where the big money gets spent.

Well, ya gotta have a cake.

And look at every possibly combination of costs associated with the food and drinks.

I think that deciding on the menu was one of the hardest parts for them.

But I must say that I love how she marks her possible choices.

Wonder if she gets that from anybody I know.

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  1. It’s the 27th, you turd! lol And we’re figuring out the invitations next week. Bite me! 😉

  2. Can everyone feel the type of relationship that we have? Pure love, I tell ya!

  3. 27th, eh? Is that this August? LOL Gotta make sure. Are Levi’s and T-shirt acceptable for the Father of the Bride…..Hmmmm Wonder what they got at Walmart, haven’t been there in years………I guess now is the time. J/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyK Christine…….Well you know it ain’t too late to head to Vegas. Do I need to get a shotgun? Wouldn’t that look cute in the wedding pics…Me with jeans and a shotgun and Eric with a cigar and tazer….


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