Jan 172013

Why do they do this to me?  Why do they insist on growing older?  Don’t they know that only means that I have to get older to??

The youngest granddaughter turns 6 today *GASP*!!!


And I must say that she is turning into quite a beautiful young lady.

Of course I may be a little biased, but I think that is in the Grandparent’s Rule Book somewhere, in between the sections on “How To Spoil Your Grandchildren Rotten” and “The 10 Best Noise Makers To Buy That Will Drive Their Parent’s Crazy.”

And believe me, Rick & I follow the rules pretty darn good.


Happy Birthday Kayla!

Love, Grandma & Grandpa

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  1. Thanks Grandma! I love you and Grandpa too!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day sweetie!

  3. Grandpa wishes you a happy 6th birthday too!

  4. Happy belated birthday from Auntie Chris and Uncle Erik and Cousin Brayden, Kayla!!! Sorry so late, been packing for our move!!! <3

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