Feb 242011

My husband bought me my own domain name many years ago as a Mother’s Day present.  But at the beginning, he used it more than I did to post things that were going on in our lives for our families to view, and kind of a way to keep up-to-date on us and our kids. This lasted a couple years and, well, it fell to the wayside.

Until the beginning of this year when I decided that I was going to revive it and give it a complete overhall.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted it to turn out to be, but I figured that there were a lot more options out there now to help me decide than there were all those years ago.

And I was right.

Yesterday, I was feeling rather proud of myself.  I was having one of those days when I needed to do something constructive.

I have been working on implementing new things in this site with (a little) help from Rick.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely ignorant when it comes to computers, but I am not a computer programmer.  I do not work with code.  I can do lots of things with them, but code does not really interest me.  At least not now.

Rick had been talking to me about adding a CAPTCHA button to my site as a security feature.  I understand the function of this tool, but was quite sure that it would be insanely hard to do.

Well, to my surprise, the Plugin that I finally decided to try was extremely easy to install and configure!  I was even able to make some slight changes without any help!

So, I’m out in the kitchen, giving myself pats on the back and telling him what I had accomplished that evening, and he just beamed and said “good job!”

He is so glad that I am taking ownership (his words) of this gift that he gave me so many years ago.  He’s always there to help me with suggestions and even hosts the site on his server for me.  There are always going to be little tweaks here and there, and I love to see his smile when I put up new posts.

I know he’s proud of me.

I’m pretty proud of myself too.

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  1. Yay! Go Mom! We’re pretty proud of you too 🙂

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