Dec 082011

Everyone who hates to got to a physical store this time of year and deal with angry, shoving people, raise your hand.

I’ve never hid the fact that Christmas has become such a commercial holiday, and each year it seems to get worse  The stores start “decorating” for the holidays before the Halloween crap has been removed from the shelves.

And the music?  I can take one solid day of the stuff and then I want to shove in the ear plugs.  One can only take so many encores of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

No, I’m not a Scrooge, but the winters are long enough up here in the Northwoods without having to extend it 2 months with Christmas advertisements and promotions that start in October.

So it is this time of year that I am grateful that I have this:

I know that I have mentioned this wonderful benefit before, but when you prefer to do most of your Christmas shopping online (like I do), having Prime on your side makes shopping just a little bit easier.

Only 3 Happy Bunny Calendars in stock “so order soon?”  Cool!  It’s a Prime purchase so I don’t need to worry about filling up my cart to cut down my shipping cost.  I can order just the one item and the shipping is free.  And I get it in 2 days!

*Happy Dance*

I figure that the money I plunk down each year for Prime pays for itself around the holidays.

Granted, my UPS guy has to make more deliveries, but he’s a nice guy and even thanked me for my business when I warned him I was doing my shopping last weekend.  Gotta love that kind of attitude!

Sure, I’ll still be venturing to Wally World to pick up odds and ends and stocking stuffers, but the big stuff I’ll let the UPS guy carry for me.

His back is better than mine.


This is not a promotion for Amazon Prime.  Amazon doesn’t even know me even though I buy lots of stuff from their sight every year.  Hey, when I like something, I talk about it.  You should know that by now.

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  1. Worst thing about Christmas: The Chipmunk’s Christmas song…I ATTEMPT to avoid this every year!

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