Apr 222011

On Wednesday, Beth over at be yourself… everyone else is taken posted a beautiful picture of some turtles on a log.

That got me to thinking about the picture that Rick had taken a couple years ago on one of his many road trips up north to do some work for a client.

He took the time to stop the car and get this great photo of these turtles sunning themselves on a log.  Each time we drive past this spot I always look out at the water and see if they are there.

But they’re not.


Oh, and I really love this one of the old platform posts that remain in the water  (from train tracks perhaps?) .

Seeing the duck was the icing on the cake!

I love ducks.  Reminds me of Silver Lake Park in Rochester, MN.

Only that was geese.

Meh, duck… goose…

Duck, Duck, Goose!


Another beautiful river… does anybody else see a theme the last 2 days?

I love it when Rick gets pictures like this.  I know he enjoys using his camera as much as I do.

I’m sure that we’ll get some great pictures this weekend when the kids come up.  The grandkids have a great time using the cameras and tend to get the most unusual shots.  Should provide some good material for the future.

Today will be spent cleaning and prepping for the invasion.  Even if it does only last for the first 5 seconds of their visit, it makes me feel good anyway.

Oh, don’t forget to stop by Beth’s site and give her some lovin’.  Her photo’s and blog are top notch!

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  1. Pretty! And yeah, geese at “Goose Poop Lake” in Roch! Oh, one more thing….it’s duck duck GREY duck! 😉 You’ve been in Wisconsin too long! lol

  2. You play it your way, I’ll play it mine 😉

  3. Yahoo! Can’t wait to see you guys! It’ll be late when we get up there tho, probably about 7:30. Yikes! And I love the pictures, so pretty 🙂

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