Apr 272011

Really, I did.

April 26th, to be exact.

But it appears that another joke is being played on us, because yesterday it “S”d.  Again.  Big, moisture laden flakes of “S”. (Remember the rule??)

Umm… excuse me, Mother Nature, but don’t you remember Sunday?  Clear, sunny skies, temperature in the 60s?  Warm enough to be outside doing yard work and our lawnmower starting on fire?

Oh, how about Monday when we got to 68 degrees.  That was gorgeous!

I know, I know, whatever you throw at us right now will not stick around for long, but seriously??  End of April here!

OK, I will just have to deal with this by going to my happy place and remember the pictures I took Sunday when I noticed that my crocuses were starting to bloom.

And the moss that lays like a beautiful carpet on our lawn was a rich, beautiful green.

And… can anyone tell me what exactly this stuff is that is on the tree?

I’m guessing that it is some type of scaly moss… ?  I’m pretty sure it’s not fungus because there is no moisture content to it at all.  Just flaky stuff.

I just love how this rock is being wrapped by the moss around the bottom of this tree.

I’m reminded of the old saying “April showers bring May flowers.”

Apparently that’s not applying to my neck of the woods this year.

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  1. Ewww…. “S” is gross in April… But love the flower pics! And that rock is so cool being nestled like that.

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