Jun 192013

Thor has had this terrible obsession lately:  chewing on garbage bags.

It actually started out with him finding anything that resembles a food wrapper or plastic baggie, dragging it to the rug in front of the front door (which just so happens to two feet away from my bedroom door), and chomping the heck out of it.

Usually at 2 am.  Sometimes 3:27 am if he’s had a particularly busy day and was a wee bit tired.

This has since escalated to chewing on the part of the garbage bags that fold over the edge of the garbage cans.  To say that this drives me crazy is putting it lightly, because there is no word to describe the shredded, slobbery mess that remains when he is done.  Not to mention that I’m sure it’s not great for his digestive system.

So when I went shopping the other day I tossed around the idea of getting him some kind of chew toy from the dog supply section at Wally World.  First I thought about pig ears because I remember how much our dog Tipper used to love those things, but then I dismissed that idea because I would just be confirming that Thor was, in fact, a reincarnation of Tipper.

Not that that would have been a bad thing, but it wasn’t what I was setting out to  do on that particular day.

* Side note:  Ever notice that the selection for cat toys is about 1/1000 the amount that is available for dogs?  There should be a petition against this sort of favoritism.  

There were bungee toys, things with feathers, miniature mice that could only been seen under a microscope and other nonsensical items that would entertain the normal feline (of which Thor is not), but nothing that could be considered a “chew” toy.

Not wanting to leave empty handed and possibly feeling just a little generous, I decided to get something for the silly cat (as if he didn’t already have 497 toys already, of which most are under the bed).

This seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.  It was unique to anything that he already has and the tail looked like something he could chew on that might possibly take his mind off of plastic.

The real coolness factor of this particular toy was that when you tossed it or jolted it even a tiny bit it squeaked just like a mouse being tortured buy a cat.  And it’s eyes lit up.

Surely Thor would love this thing!

Nope, he was scared to death of it.

I do have to give him credit though.  He did paw at it once.  But then the eyes started flashing and it started squeaking and he took off like his tail was on fire.

Maybe I should put it by the garbage can.


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  1. Yea I think we ruined him when he was small. Should have named him Sue, or something. Course castration has its effects too….

  2. Jude has had one of those for quite sometime…he was afraid of it at first, and now when we try to get him to play with it, he ignores it.

  3. Oh my! Freaky!

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