May 222013

A couple weeks ago Rick went out to his folks to spend some time with his Mom (and Dad) for Mother’s Day.

On the Saturday that he left, his Mom and sisters were also having a Tea Party shindig that gets as many wayward family members together as possible to laugh, do crafts, spend time together, and of course drink Tea.

While I was sitting at my desk doing who-knows-what, I happened to look out the window and saw something large and black move around the fence towards the tree that I hang my bird feeders on (which by that time were empty and I just hadn’t taken the 2 seconds that it takes to put them away).

Thinking it was just one of the neighborhood dogs, I didn’t give it much thought and started to give my attention back to the oh-so-important-whatever thing I was doing before.

That was until the black something appeared to be getting larger.  But it really wasn’t getting larger.

It was climbing the tree.

No damage was done and I was super proud of myself for getting a somewhat acceptable photo of the little dude, so I shot it out to Facebook to share with others.

Now here’s the part where my husband knows me all to well.

Not more than 4 minutes later I get a call on my cell from my husband, and it went something like this:

Me:  Hi Honey

Rick:  Where are you at?

Me:  Umm… sitting at my desk… why?

Rick:  *breathing a sigh of relief*  Phew, I thought you were outside taking a picture of the bear.

Me:  How did you know about the bear?

Rick:  My sister was on Facebook and told me about it.

Me:  Honey, I’m not stupid enough to go outside and take a picture of a bear without you around.

Rick:  ……………

Me:  OK, I did it once, but it was pretty far away and I wasn’t in danger.  I promise I won’t go outside to take pictures of bears unless you’re with me.  Feel better?

The rest of the conversation was pretty much reminding me how I pissed off the bear who got into our garbage by it thinking I was in the mood to fight with it just because I was crouched on the deck.

Good thing he forgot about how camera happy I got with the one that was playing in the dumpsters at work.

Come to think of it, maybe he did have good cause to be worried.


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  1. He is so cute!!! Will never forget walking around your neighbourhood and the crows all of sudden came by me just sqwauking like mad! So I stopped turned around and headed the other way….my heart just racing! After I crossed an intersection and felt a bit safer from whatever the crows were steering me away from…..I turned around to see a bear exactly where I had been standing! Love the bears but love the crows more!!!!

  2. The crows have always protected you Patty!

  3. yes….so far I am too deep in the city to see any crows…. that’s odd…now that I think of it….it’s time to call in the crows!

  4. Well after 20+ years of marriage, I think I know you pretty darn good. So for this anniversary I should probably get you a pistol and a holdster to keep away the bears.

  5. Hi, Sandy! I love that you had a little bear in your yard – he’s so cute! Your conversation with Rick made me chuckle out loud. It sounds exactly like the type of conversation The Complete Package & I would have in that same situation. I love it. Also wanted to say your studio is looking awesome. I can’t wait to see the finished photos.

  6. He was a little cutie Jeanne! We had a Mama and 2 babies visit a couple days after that, so I’m a little hesitant to go outside by myself lately.

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