Dec 292012

I have been lazy, lazy, LAZY the last couple of days.  So lazy in fact, that I haven’t even wanted to think about writing or reading any blogs.  Heck, the TV is only on as quiet noise in the background, nothing more.

I am on vacation, after all.

Instead I have been engraving my backside in the comfy recliner in the living room, soaking up the warmth of the fireplace, occasionally becoming a comfy pillow for Thor, and reading books off my Kindle.

It has been bliss.

However, my subconscious decided to pay me a visit and every-so-kindly reminded me that I forgot to send birthday greetings to 2 very important people in my life.

Oh contraire, subconscious, this is simply not the case.  To quote my Father “I did not forget, I am just late.

IMG_3912 NWW

Happy Birthday Nichole & Brady!


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  1. Thanks Mama!

  2. Now I’m curious as to which remark you are referring to.

  3. I’ll do better next year, I promise!

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